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Help Me Find Faster Ways to Burn Belly Fat


Everyone seems to be asking if there are faster ways to Burn Belly Fat. The answer to this question is as loaded as the question itself. Yes, there are faster ways to burn belly fat. It’s like the old saying that there is more than one way to skin a cat. There is more than one way to burn belly fat fast. The problem is that most people think that belly fat is the only kind of fat there is, and this simply isn’t true. So let’s make sure we know the difference in the types of fat before we go on our burn belly fat fast campaign.

There are two major types of fat that people tend to struggle shedding when it comes to losing weight. There is the typical belly fat. This kind of fat is gelatinous, yellowish in color, and tends to build up near the midsection of the torso. This kind of fat can also build up around the organs, and it can cause severe distress to the heart, liver, and pancreas. This kind of damage can be long lasting. However, this kind of fat is also the easier of the two to get rid of with some exercises that burn belly fat fast. This is typically the kind of fat people are talking about when asking for help tips or ways to burn lower belly fat.

The other kind of fat that people most often struggle with shedding is fat that looks more like a slab of bacon. It’s thick, much less gelatinous than belly fat, white in color, and adheres to the muscles more than the organs or just below the skin. This secondary type of fat is harder to get rid of, and it requires a lot more exercising.

The good news is burning belly fat fast, isn’t all that hard to do. Combine a little toning and a little cardio and you will have a routine of exercises that burn belly fat fast. Do something you enjoy doing, like Zumba or Salsa dancing. Cut out a few simple sugars from your diet, and you are well on your way to burning lower belly fat fast. Adding more healthy fats (olive oil, nuts, and avocados) will help you feel full longer as will lots and lots of protein. And the real secret to burning lower belly fat is water, water, and more water! Water is the fastest way to Burn Belly Fat.

Tips to Help Women Lose Belly Fat


It is a biological fact of nature that women have a different physical makeup than men, and this difference can often lead to some unpleasant conversations about why your man is losing more weight than you. While men and women are totally different, both genders can lose belly fat with the proper strategies. Here are some tips specifically to help women Lose Belly Fat.

Belly Fat in Women Has a Purpose

First, understand that physiologically women were made to do one thing and one thing well: have children. So the female body is always preparing for reproduction. By storing belly fat in women, the body is storing energy for when the baby is born. With that in mind, know that the body does not want to lose any of its fat reserves easily. Men were made to bear great loads, so any fat that they have is covering their muscles to give their muscles extra energy to work when needed. It’s essential to know the purpose of belly fat to eliminate it.

Eat Super Foods That Burn Belly Fat

In order to fight against the body’s tendency to store fat, you have to eat the right foods. Whole grains are first on the list of foods that burn belly fat for women. Whole grains help the body burn belly fat in women much faster than simple carbs like white bread and pasta. Next, including more protein can help burn belly fat for women. Protein like fish, nuts and seeds can provide vital antioxidants and good fats for the body. Lean proteins like chicken and turkey are also important to build muscle, which speeds up the metabolism for faster fast loss.

Incorporate the Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Take some time to learn about the best exercises to Lose Belly Fat for women. Start with some light cardio, and gradually build up. Elliptical machines offer great low impact cardio workouts. Then add in some toning workouts, and you are sure to burn belly fat. Make it fun though. Most women don’t stick with exercise routines because they are not fun and engaging. So make sure you are doing some kind of workouts that you enjoy. You should also include exercises that target lower belly fat, which is usually the main problem for women.

Ladies, while nature may be unfair to us, it’s important that we know what we’re dealing with as we try to find new ways to burn belly fat for women. Don’t give up. Eat smart. Do some fun workouts. And you can shed those pounds and inches!

Does Running Burn Belly Fat?


A couple of years ago I started running. I was motivated by Valerie Bertinelli’s story. She was 50-years-old when she ran a marathon. I couldn’t run a mile, and she was twice my age running over 26 miles. I was about 75 pounds overweight at that point, and most of it was still in my belly. So I asked my doctor, “Does Running Burn Belly Fat??”

Her response kind of surprised me. She said that all exercise burns fat it just depends on how your body functions as to where it will burn the fat from. In other words, any kind of workouts to burn belly fat are going to be beneficial, especially at my point of obesity. So I started running. I did no other exercises at this point. I just went for a little run every day. Your case might be different than mine, but here’s what happened for me during my little running experiment.

In the beginning, I lost weigh all over. I lost inches in my legs, belly, butt, and bust… the last one was kind of a bummer. I wasn’t losing weigh very quickly, and I wasn’t losing much around my middle that I could tell. So I decided to incorporate some exercises that burn belly fat fast. I started with crunches, but those were painful for my back. Then I discovered the exercise ball, and that made all the difference. I kept struggling to find what worked for me and eventually I figured out how to use HIIT and 5 abdominal exercises combined to absolutely blast the fat away. I give details on the whole routine in my book.

Eventually, I did shed the belly fat quickly. But I had to find the right routine. Running alone wasn’t enough for me, but it worked great as part of a HIIT routine. Eventually, I even ran my first 5K, which was pretty awesome. I actually signed up for the 5K a couple of months in advance. This was more for my own motivation than anything.

Basically if you want to lose weight, there are all sorts of exercises to burn belly fat. You just have to find the one that works best for you. Eat lots of protein and limit the carbs you take in during the process. Try to incorporate workouts that burn belly fat into your daily routine. Make sure you are alternating cardio and toning, so your muscles don’t get burned out.

Stick with it and you can Burn Belly Fat! When I started, it seemed like I would never get there, but I actually made it after all.

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